How To Install

How To Install

1. Mount the Miter Master on a secure, ridged, and well balanced surface made from substantial materials ( steel, thick oak, etc. ) Since the mounting surface will absorb the initial downward thrust, the use of plywood, desk-type, or rolling benches is not advised.

2. Position the Miter Master on the bench so that the entire length of the downspout you are working on will fit on both sides of the machine ( if you work with 10″ downspout you will need a 20″ bench. )

3. Secure the Miter Master by drilling four (4) 1/2″ holes in the bench. Use (4) 1/2″ machine screws. Lag screws are not recommended.

4. Use two (2) supports ( one on each side of the machine ) Drill a series of 1/2″ holes in the bench. Start these holes approximately 3 3/4″ from the edge of the bench. The intervals between these holes depend on the downspouts you ordinarily use. By varying the distance between bench supports you can adequately support the downspout end while you are cutting.

5. Eliminate measuring offsets individually by installing a measuring tape on the bench surface at the right side of the Miter Master (adhesive backed tape available from the Miter Master accessory trailers are already so equipped.) The 0″ mark of the measuring tape should start at the right side of the cutter point. Remember spout materials should always be worked on from the left to right or the miter lap will be backwards.

6. Blade clearance adjustments: Although the two lower base blades are not adjustable, the two upper base blades can be adjusted forward and backward to allow for differing sizes and clearances of downspouts. You should always maintain a minimum clearance for blades, but remember clearances should allow the downspout to move through the base freely. ( Excessive clearance will adversely affect the quality of the cut and cause a premature need to sharpen the cutter head blades.)

  • Loosen the three (3) 1/2″ button head cap (Allen) screws in base plate.
  • Lower the cutter head assembly.
  • Insert .010 shims between both sides of cutter head assembly and base blades.
  • Adjust cutter head assembly snug against shims and base blades.
  • Re-tighten (3) 1/2″ button head screws.
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