How To Operate

How To Operate

1. We recommend that you measure the offsets back to back on the level. Then, to the offsets measurement on your bench tape, add approximately 1/8″ for each foot of offset.

2. Miter Master will cut an 80 degree angle into your offsets. (Note: You might experience some distortion in the top of the miter cut when your offset is less than 2″. This distortion can be minimized by using 26 gauge mild steel – the maximum gauge capacity of Miter Master )

3. Miter Master will cut copper and corrugated materials. The corner radius on these materials, however, is usually larger than the smooth downspout. So you should start the cutter head point in the top of the spout and not behind it – starting behind the top of the spout will only collapse the material in some instances, the cutter head may have to be adjusted to cut corrugated downspouts.

4. Warning: When cutting downspouts with Miter Master, you do not need to overpower the seam with unnecessary force – just thrust and “relax” don’t follow through ….. let the machine work for you.

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