1. Periodically inspect and tighten all machine screws on both cutting head assembly and blades.

2. The Nylon bearing used on all moving surfaces require no lubrication. If you wish to lubricate

however, best results are obtained by using spray silicone it will extend the life of these bearings.

3. We recommend that you cover the Miter Master when it is not being used. A protective covering will prevent the bearing surfaces from collecting dust and dirt and again, extend the life of the bearings.

4. All nylon bearings (6 in cutter head, 3 in linkage) are replaceable and can be purchased from Miter Master. Removal of these bearings is simple: Remove the linkage from the machine. Remove the (3) 3/8″ button head cap screws in the upper casting. Tap off the top casting and remove cutter heads from the chrome shafts. When removing bearings, remember to leave the retainer in the casting. (Bearings should be replaced or shimmed only when you experience play between bearings and 1″ shaft.)

5. If the blade is chipped, it can be re-surfaced. Periodically sharpening can be done with a carborundum stone.

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